Hair Salon

Whether you have found your first gray hair and need a professional hair color expert, or going to prom and want an elegant formal styling, our beauty salon is ready to help. Whether you are looking for professional hair styling or haircuts to bring out your natural beauty while giving a little boost your confidence, Three Ways Beautiful Salon & Spa is available for your haircare needs. We pride ourselves on being among the best hairstylists in the Gainesville, VA area.

Our stylists have experience working with all types of hair and hairstyles. From keratin treatments to the increasingly popular hair extensions, we have something for everyone. If you are unsure about what you want to do with your hair, ask our hairdressers and they can give you gorgeous options that shape your face and fit your style. Many of our customers think of our hair salon as a place where they can get away and relax for awhile.

If you need to relax after a hard day’s work, come to Three Ways Beautiful Salon & Spa for your hair care needs while sharing conversation with your trusted hair stylist. Our hair salon is one of the best in Gainesville, VA. We love making people feel good about themselves in an atmosphere of innovation and excellence, enriching our clients, our community and ourselves.


Esthetician Amber Foster is available for facial appointments at Three Ways Beautiful Salon & Spa. Experience the amazing luxury of a professional facial.

One of the best ways to cleanse skin and leave it glowing and fresh is getting regular facials to give your skin that radiant glow. Our excellent facial service combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant application simultaneously, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with little to no discomfort or downtime.

The treatment is soothing, moisturizing, non-invasive and non-irritating. Facials and facial peels improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, congested and enlarged pores, oily or acne-prone skin, hyperpigmentation and brown spots. We also have particular facials that are specifically used for acne treatment to give you the clear, glowing skin you’ve always wanted.

The facial peels procedure is one of our most effective anti-aging treatments. It is suitable for most skin types, including thin or aging skin, ethnic skin, and dry or oily skin. Start your skin care treatment program now with our specialty facials to slow down your skin’s aging process and delay the need for invasive procedures.

Our beauty salon aims to give our clients that healthy glow to make them feel beautiful inside and out. Contact our day spa at Three Ways Beautiful Salon & Spa in Gainesville, VA to make your appointment for one of our relaxing facials.Our goal is to supply services and products that enhance our clients' physical appearance and mental relaxation.


Not everyone can set time out of their day to consistently achieve a natural tan. Between the time constraints and aging side effect of the sun, you may want to look into airbrush tanning. With sunless tanning, our beauty salon will help you reach your tanning goals while fitting time into your busy schedule. For those looking to do spray tanning, we have an excellent bronze spray tan to give you a natural sun kissed glow.

For more information on our tanning services, contact our day spa at Three Ways Beautiful Salon & Spa in Gainesville, VA today! We are the only local salon that offers organic spray tanning.


Swedish massage
Swedish massage is the most regular of massage modalities. It incorporates a lot of long, gliding strokes, some gentle muscle kneading, and usually a medium pressure. It is generally more relaxing than deep tissue massage as it works the superficial muscles and soft tissue. Your therapist will focus on any specific areas of tension, while loosening up the entire body to allow complete stress relief. For those inexperienced in massage therapy, Swedish massage would be an excellent choice.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage can vary from slightly more pressure than a Swedish massage to a very deep, intense pressure. Clients who prefer deep tissue are usually somewhat athletic or work out regularly. Men request deep tissue more frequently than women, but there are many women who prefer the deeper pressure. Chronic pain or muscle tension can be best addressed with this modality. Please note that deep doesn’t have to mean painful. Each massage is customized to your comfort level and the work should never hurt.

Prenatal massage
Prenatal massage can be one of the biggest reliefs an expecting mother can experience. A special focus on low back and gluteus muscles can ease discomfort brought on by a growing belly. Many pregnant women still experience neck and shoulder tension that can safely be addressed by massage therapy. And, of course, we never skip the feet! Any areas of the body may be included or excluded to your preference. Your therapist is fully certified to know the areas and techniques to avoid in pregnancy, and you may ask as many questions as you need to feel 100% comfortable.

Postpartum Massage
Postpartum Massage is a great way to stay in touch with your ever-changing body. New tensions arise in the neck and shoulders from holding and feeding your new baby. Back pain can develop from carrying a car seat and placing baby in and out of it. Massage can be performed on the new mother as soon as the day after birth, but depending on the type of delivery, body positioning and areas worked may vary. In-home or in-hospital massage may be the best option for women who have recently delivered.

Sports Massage
Sports Massage is massage that incorporates more stretching and / or deeper work for athletes or people who are physically active. Heat or ice therapies may be incorporated to reduce inflammation and decrease healing time of an injury. Focused stretches will improve flexibility and prevent injury. Your therapist will give you specific take-home stretches to address your individual needs.


All Prices Starting At:

Arm Full $49.00
Back Full $69.00
Bikini $49.00
Brazilian $65.00
Brow $17.00
Cheeks $19.00
Chest $49.00
Chin $19.00
Face $49.00
Leg Full $75.00
Leg Half $49.00
Lip $13.00
Under Arm $45.00

Eyebrow $13.00
Cheek $9.00
Chin $7.00
Forehead $7.00
Lip $7.00
Sideburn $9.00
Full Face $33.00

Organic Airbursh Spray Tanning
Full Body $45.00
3 Tans ($40 each) $120.00
5 Tans ($35 each) $175.00
10 Tans ($30 each) $300.00

Lash Services
Micorblading $650.00
Lash Extension Full Set
(approx 2 hrs.)

Lash Extension Touch Up
(approx 45 min.)

Brow Tinting $19.00
Lash Tinting $19.00


Haircut/Styling Services
Woman's Haircut $65.00
Men's Haircut $35.00
Children 12 & Under $25.00
Shampoo/Style (Blowout) $39.00
Add on Curl $21.00
Add on Flat Iron $17.00
Add on Conditioning Treatment $25.00

Color Services
Color - Retouch $77.00
Color - Rotos to End $107.00
Color Correction upon consult
Full Foil Highlight $135.00
Partial Foil Highlight $105.00
Faceframing Foil Highlight $83.00
Balayage Full $213.00
Balayage Partial $143.00
Balayage Face Framing $87.00
Ombre $199.00
Toner $33.00
Color Gloss $49.00
Add on Olaplex $31.00
Add on B3 Brazilian Bond Builder $31.00
Add on color (per bowl) $15.00

Texturizing Services
Express Blowout
   (4-6 weeks)

Complex Complete
   (3-4 months)

Brazilian Blow-out $349.00
Perm $131.00
Partial Perm $99.00
Perm $131.00



All Facials a massage of the hand, arm, neck, decollette, scalp & face.

Age Corrective Luxe (60 Min) $129.00

Enhance your skin by tighting and firming. Brightens your skin by fading pigmentation. Minimize redness or broken capillaries. Balance & hydrate your skin.

Acne Facial (60 Min) $99.00

Enhance your skin by tightening and firming. Brightens your skin by fading pigmentation. Minimize redness or broken capillaries. Balance & hydrate your skin. Promote healing of existing breakouts & helps prevent future breakouts. Helps control oily skin & promotes healing acne scarring.

Clarifying Facial (60 Min) $99.00

Balance, calms & hydrates your skin. Exfoliates & smooths your skin.

Specialty Services
Microdermabraion $99.00
Microdermabrasion w/ Facial $149.00
Microdermabrasion w/ Dermaplaning $249.00

Massage 50 Mins $85.00
Massage 80 Mins $115.00
Massage Prenatal 50 Mins $85.00
Massage Prenatal 80 Mins $115.00

Other Services
Updo $85.00
Makeup $60.00
Makeup Lessons $75.00
Bridal Services Upon Consult